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By Granville Dental, LLC
August 07, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

When it comes to fillings, silver is out and tooth-colored is in! Tooth-colored fillings aren't just more attractive, but they offer several smileimportant advantages for your teeth, as well. Here at Granville Dental, LLC, in Granville, IL, your family dentists, Drs. Robert Dawe and Evan Fiedler, offer fillings for patients in the entire Oglesby, Peru, Spring Valley, Princeton, and LaSalle areas—read on to learn more!


How tooth-colored fillings can help your smile

Tooth-colored fillings can:

  • Improve the Appearance of Your Smile: No one will be able to tell that you have any fillings, thanks to the natural appearance of tooth-colored fillings. The fillings are made of composite resin, a flexible material that's tinted to match common tooth shades.
  • Protect Your Teeth: Fillings require removal of a ring of healthy tooth structure around the decayed portion. Although this step is necessary, the more healthy structure that is removed, the weaker your tooth becomes. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings only require removal of a small amount of healthy structure.
  • Strengthen Your Teeth: After your Granville dentist adds the soft composite resin, he uses a curing light to harden the material. As the resin hardens, it bonds to your tooth, strengthening it.
  • Reduce the Risk of Cracks: Like all metals, silver amalgam expands and contracts when it's exposed to hot and cold temperatures. Over time, constant expansion and contraction can eventually crack teeth. Cracks increase the risk of fractures and new decay in the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings remain the same size when you eat and drink hot and cold beverages and don't crack teeth.
  • Prevent Color Changes: After a while, silver amalgam fillings may make teeth look darker, particularly if the filling is large. Composite resin fillings won't change the color of your teeth.


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Protect and enhance your smile with tooth-colored fillings! Call your Granville, IL family dentists, Drs. Robert Dawe and Evan Fiedler, at (815) 339-6888 to schedule an appointment.

By Granville Dental, LLC
April 29, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: same day crowns  

Finding the time to schedule an appointment with the dentist can be a struggle for busy adults. But getting to the dentist for the initial dental crownsappointment is only the first step in many cases, depending on the type of work that needs to be done. But you don't have to put off necessary dental work or repairs due to lack of time thanks to single visit (also known as same day) crowns. Single visit crowns use modern digital technology to make it possible to design and fit dental crowns onsite in a single appointment. Dr. Robert Dawe and Dr. Evan Fiedler, the dentists at Granville Dental in Granville, IL offer same day crowns and other cosmetic and restorative dentistry services.

If your dentist determines that you need a dental crown to repair a badly decayed, fractured, or cosmetically damaged tooth, the process usually involves digital imaging and software so that the dentist can prepare the crown in the office while you wait.

In addition to saving time and money by reducing the number of dental visits, single visit crowns have a number of additional benefits including:

  • Taking digital images to design the crowns using CAD/CAM software instead of using a physical impression to create the mold makes the process less invasive
  • Eliminate the need for temporary crowns
  • Use natural looking and modern materials
  • Strong and durable
  • immediate relief and care in dental emergencies and accidents

Find a Family Dentist in Granville, IL

For more information about single visit or same day crowns, contact Granville Dental in Granville, IL and serving the Peru, Spring Valley, Princeton, Oglesby, and La Salle, IL areas by calling 815-339-6888 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dawe or Dr. Fiedler.

By Robert Dawe, DDS
February 28, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Sealants  

Dental sealants help protect your teeth from decay by preventing bacteria from becoming trapped in the small crevices on the surface of dentistteeth. Brushing does not always completely remove trapped bacteria, a presence which can eventually contribute to the development of tooth decay. Sealants are used to cover crevices on the surface of teeth so that bacteria cannot become trapped in the first place. At Granville Dental in Granville, IL, Dr. Robert Dawe and Dr. Evan Fiedler are your family dentists for dental sealants! They are proud to serve the surrounding areas of Peru, Spring Valley, Princeton, Oglesby, and La Salle, IL.


How Sealants Help

There are pits, grooves, and crevices on the surface of the teeth, particularly on the molars. Food particles and bacteria can easily become trapped in these areas. Since they are so small, brushing does not always remove all the trapped bacteria. As bacteria lingers in the crevices on teeth, plaque can form and eventually lead to the development of tooth decay.

Dental sealants help prevent tooth decay by sealing the pits, grooves, and crevices in teeth so that there is nowhere for bacteria to become trapped and hidden. Sealants form a protective coating over the surface of teeth, and they are especially beneficial to children, although they can be applied to both youth and adult teeth. Children with dental sealants are much less likely to develop cavities than children without them. Your Princeton area family dentists at Granville Dental can help you decide if sealants are right for anyone in your family.


How Sealants are Applied

Sealants are most often applied to the molars, due to how the large chewing surfaces of these back teeth contain many crevices that can attract bacteria, and are thus vulnerable to decay. To apply sealants, the teeth are first cleaned, after which the sealant material is then brushed onto the surface areas of vulnerable teeth. Once applied, the sealants are cured with a special light to help them dry and harden faster. As sealants dry and harden, a smooth protective barrier forms across the teeth. Sealants can potentially last for several years before being reapplied.


Interested? Give Us a Call!

Sealants are a highly effective method for protecting the teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Sealants can be easily applied to vulnerable teeth right in your dentist’s office. To learn more about how sealants can help, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dawe or Dr. Fiedler, your Princeton area family dentists, by calling Granville Dental at (815) 339-6888.

By Robert Dawe, DDS
January 23, 2019
Category: Family Dentist

It’s important to have a dental professional by your side that you can trust.

You and your family’s health is probably the most important thing. Making sure that every member of your family has a doctor they can trust is crucial and the same should go for a dentist. After all, your oral health is just as important as the rest of your body. Here are some of the benefits of turning to our Granville, IL, family dentists Dr. Robert Dawe and Dr. Evan Fielder for dental care.Family Dentistry

Prevent Dental Issues

When it comes to dental care, prevention is the name of the game. We want to provide you with all the knowledge and tools to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to prevent problems from occurring. On our end, we will do what we need to in order to ensure that you maintain stellar oral health. This includes everything from providing tips on proper at-home brushing and flossing techniques to placing dental sealants and offering fluoride treatment.

Catch Problems Early

Of course, sometimes issues occur despite our best efforts. This is when it’s even more important to visit your Granville, IL, family dentist every six months. Since many dental issues don’t cause symptoms it’s often during these checkups that we are able to find these silent issues sooner rather than later. Early detection is key to fixing problems quickly and effectively. And having a dentist that you know you can turn to for comprehensive dental care means you’re also more likely to follow through with your checkups.

Convenient Dental Care

Who says scheduling a doctor’s appointment has to be difficult? Of course, we know many families are dealing with hectic schedules. Fortunately, since you can bring every member of your family into our office for dental care this means you don’t have to try to go to different dental providers to get thorough and comprehensive dentistry. You can find all the dental services you need under one roof.

If you are looking for a family dentist then it’s time to call Granville Dental in Granville, IL, also serving Peru, Spring Valley, Princeton, Oglesby, and La Salle areas to schedule an appointment. We are happy to work with your schedule to find an appointment that’s ideal for everyone in your household. Call us today to learn more!

By Robert Dawe, DDS
November 06, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Millions of Americans will deal with some degree of tooth loss every year. Whether as a result of gum disease or other issues like trauma or a sports injury, over 40% of adults over age 30 in the United States are missing at least one tooth, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Despite the fact that tooth loss is not reversible, there are a number of options Dental Implantsavailable to help restore your smile and oral health. The family dentists at Granville Dental, LLC, Dr. Robert Dawe and Dr. Evan Fielder, recommend dental implants for healthy adults suffering from full or partial tooth loss in Granville, IL.

Dental Implants

Implants restore a missing tooth in two stages: the implant, a small titanium screw that acts as the root, and the cosmetic crown. Like other restorations, implants restore function and aesthetics after tooth loss, but they also protect your oral health by preventing bone loss in the gums, one of the side effects of tooth loss and a major factor in gum (periodontal) disease. Implants help to secure the crown in place so that once it is in, it looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. Implants can also support a set of dentures if you are suffering from full tooth loss. In that case, a few implants would be needed to secure the dentures on your upper or lower jaw.

Because the implants need to fuse with the existing bone tissue in the gums in order to stay in place, you must have sufficient bone density to support the implant. Dental implants also require rigorous oral hygiene care at home, and regular visits to your family dentist (every six months) for preventive and follow up care.

Find a Family Dentist in Granville, IL

You don't have to settle for a damaged smile or live with tooth loss. For more information about dental implants, contact Granville Dental, LLC in Granville, IL, also serving Peru, Spring Valley, Princeton, Oglesby, and La Salle areas by calling (815) 339-6888 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dawe or Dr. Fielder today.

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